Wedding Videography by Dezi

Videography for weddings is becoming one of the most popular ways to document a couple’s special day. Professional videographers can handle documenting everything from the service to the reception and even getting ready so that couples can have a real record of the service that goes far beyond the picture. The idea of a wedding video now goes far beyond the idea of the typical VHS tapes that were made 10 or 15 years ago. With DVD formatting and digital videos you can enjoy a picture quality that will last for many decades.

When it comes to picking the best service it's important to note the differences in wedding videographers.

The most basic form of videography for a wedding is the point and shoot videographer. In many cases this type of videographer will set up a tripod for a steady shot and then record the main events of your wedding. This type of treatment may not get the same type of editing as a larger videographer service but you can certainly have the entire wedding well documented in a classic manner.

Other videographers may try to bring in extra equipment or even use additional sound dubbing/ editing tools to make sure that the music in your first dance comes in clearly, that you have a microphone on you during the wedding ceremony to capture all of the audio in professional quality. This documentary style video is much more professional but usually runs a slightly larger price.

Another popular style that is making a comeback is vintage film. Although this videography style isn’t for everyone many couples are utilizing videography wedding experts who can bring in vintage 8mm and 16mm film cameras and then potentially convert them into works of art and digital film that can last for a lifetime. This is one of the best ways that you can get the vintage look for your wedding without worrying about film quality being compromised down the road. It's important to note that videographers usually tend to charge several thousand dollars for this type of service but it does create an absolute cinematic work of art.

Ultimately when it comes to getting the best wedding videographer you need to choose the right style. With so many different types available and for different packages and budgets, choosing the right wedding videographer will change the way that your wedding is presented for all time. Consider the style and the equipment used to get just the type of look you are after!



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