Wedding Photography by Dezi

When it comes to documenting your wedding it's very important to choose the right wedding photographer. A proper wedding photographer will give you access to images that you will enjoy for a lifetime. As you have found clippings or family albums or in friend's wedding albums, the right wedding photographer can help you look your best and capture the style of your wedding to document it for the future. Here are some top tips on choosing your wedding photographer.


  1. Consider this style of photography you want: different wedding photographers will settle on a specific style for their photos. Some wedding photographers enjoy a more portrait or classic style wedding album, others prefer a documentarian's approach the same way that a journalist would capture shots for a magazine or newspaper, others may have a more bold or eclectic style or an artistic style with lots of editing. By talking about style and by looking through the past portfolio shots that a photographer has to offer you can choose the expert that will give you the shots you want.
  2. Research: many good photographers will put reviews for their website up online. You can also trust a number of online reviews on sites like Angie's list as well as a few other sources. Further research into the artist portfolio will help you to determine their skill level and if they can produce the photos you are looking for.
  3. Have an interview: speak with the photographer directly and see if they can carry your vision through. Ultimately it's important to have a rapport with your wedding photographer because they will be attending your wedding as well. Make sure that you can work with them well and that they are available for your wedding day/ available for a price that you can afford.
  4. Ask about packages/rights/postproduction and process: during the interview stage it's important to ask about the types of editing your photos may be subject to. It's also a good idea to consider the different wedding packages that you could get to cut down on the price of service. Learning more about the rights and contracts for your photos will also ensure that you could potentially get shots with or without a watermark, you could purchase prints or post the photos online without any concern. Finally it's important to ask about the process for any photography business. Some photographers might ask to bring an assistant and they may even tell you the type of equipment that they will be bringing the day of the shoot. Asking about this equipment and the number of people that need to come to document your wedding is important for future logistics.


By keeping these top four tips in mind you can work at getting the best wedding photographer for your needs. Call Dezi today to make sure your wedding is captured to your preference.



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