Stationary Design by Dezi

Stationary has fallen way side to websites and digital media but forgetting to brand every medium in your company is foolish. So designing and branding for envelopes, letterhead and business cards ensure every viewer is exposed to your branding making your brand more and more recognizable.


Brands like Coca Cola and UPS own a prestigious place amongst brand recognition. When you’re walking down the street and you see the Coca Cola red, your mouths starts to water and you begin craving a Coca Cola. This is the kind of power a brand can hold. So what these companies do well is brand


For the most part, stationary is designed when starting a business which allows for brand exploration. Colors, shapes, fonts, spacing all take a part in a brand and stationary is a good place to explore branding ideas solidifying brand standards used throughout the entire company.


Dezi is a Denver based media company offering a wide range of services to businesses of any size. Dezi is family owned and operated.

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