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Print Ad Design by Dezi

Print ads are very important to any marketing plan, business or start up. But not all print ads are created equally. Print ads can be classified in two basic categories. One type of print ad is one that makes the viewer take action and the other is not.


Having worked in the coupon industry for years makes Dezi an expert on developing content, offers that make people act. Whether you want the print ad to educate, brand recognition or create action, Dezi knows the right message to say to the right demographic. Dezi understands 4 main principles to include in print ads to ensure their success.




The most important part of any print ad is to make the viewer take action. This is called a “call to action.” Adding a discount or offer is the most common call to action and deciding the right offer shouldn’t be taken lightly. Many business are afraid to give a substantial offer in order for the viewer to act but this is key. Now, I’m not suggesting you give the house away but just enough for them to call, join an email list, or purchase a product.




Once the viewer glances over the offer, the viewer then looks at the headline to solidify the interest in the offer. For example, a restaurant uses a Buy One Get One Free offer to grab attention then uses Save on Fine Italian Cuisine for the headline. So now the viewer knows it’s Italian food for a discount. Having a clear and direct headline statement in print ads is a crucial part to grab the viewers attention.




To further support the message, an illustration or photo is key. In the Italian Restaurant example, they would want to use a professional photo of a well presented dish and a couple or family dining in their restaurant. I must stress the importance of PROFESSIONAL photography. So many businesses take pictures with their smart phones or point and shoot cameras which is an advertising death sentence. Would you take a picture of an exquisitely prepared Italian dish by a rebound chef with a smart phone? The answer is ‘no,’ especially with food photography. Using a professional picture or illustration seals the deal. Now the consumer is ready to act which leads to the final piece of the print ad.


Other Information


Now that we’ve hooked the viewer into redeeming the BOGO offer at the Italian restaurant, they need to know where to go. That’s where they add the other information like logo, address, phone number, website address, map and more. This final piece completes the information needed to take action and base on the previous choices, could be substantial. This method of advertising is called the O.H.I.O. method. Offer, headline, illustration and other information are the key elements to a successful advertisement.


Dezi has designed print ads for hundreds of companies and we look forward to designing yours.


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