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Poster Design by Dezi

Poster design is much like print ad design where effective headline, illustration and other information sets it apart from other posters. I think the more successful posters are of the movie or exhibit variety. These posters always have the most intriguing illustrations or photos to bring the viewer closer. These posters aren’t necessarily used for action but brand recognition. Movie posters do a great job to entice but not reveal. Exhibit posters entice to urge attendance.


Just like banner design, posters need to be designed with space and distance in mind. Either the text or illustration needs to be visible from a distance to create interest.


Deciding the poster size and the amount of colors affects  cost significantly. First, choose from standard poster sizes 11x17 or 28x40. Second, choose whether the print if full color of 1 or 2 colors which save costs. Designs set for a 1 or 2 color print reduces the amount of ink the printer needs to use. Most print ads use 4 color process which is commonly known as CMYK printing. CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and key (or black) and each tower is assigned to a color. These savings are substantial if quantities soar into the thousands.


Dezi has the tools and experience to design a beautiful poster with a clear message and illustration with a budget in mind. Subscribe to Dezi today and all your needs will be cared for.


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