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Besides logo design, magazine layout is the most intriguing and dynamic project for a graphic designer. The possibilities are essentially endless. Think about it. When you’re looking through a magazine, how different are the spreads? Every single spread has a different twist with design elements, fonts, photography and the story. Designers relish in the chance to work for magazine just for the sheer chance to design a piece they believe in.


Often, designers are caught designing for clients and not themselves, the true source for inspiration and creativity. This isn’t a bad thing but can become a trap as I have found. Once I started my business I found myself giving all my time and attention to my clients. I had forgotten the joy and pleasure in designing something for myself. You may think, what’s the big deal? It is the deal.


Designers and artists begin their exploration as children. I began my artist exploration on the kitchen floor as my mother was preparing dinner. I did some of my best fine art on the uneven wood surface. When the artistry is removed from the creative process, it kills the fun for designers.


Imagine telling a chef what to cook. Imagine telling a storyteller to write about politics. It ludicrous right? The same is true for designers. So when a designer has the changes to layout magazine spreads, the designer is smitten. The designer is also excited to evoke emotion.


Each article in a magazine projects an emotion that must be felt by the reader. This opens Pandora’s Box for the designer. Just like the projects as a child, the designers a rare opportunity to add emotion to a design. Whether the spread is cheery, sad, inspirational or informative, the designer owns the discretion to design accordingly, which is a triumph.


As a designer, I set aside time to fulfill my needs as a creative mind and artist so I don’t gravitate towards the black hole of creative robots. This ensures you get the best of Dezi, everytime.


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