Logo Design by Dezi

Designing a logo is much more than one may think. First comes the logo design process. Ideation and conception are the most important part of logo design. Next is to refine select ideation sketches and then make a final selection for digital conversion.


Once the logo concept is finalized then it goes to digital creation using software like Adobe Illustrator. In Illustrator, the lines are refined and color experimentation starts which most people don’t understand the importance of color choices. Let this real example illustrate.


“I need help with a logo.” -Client


“Ok great, tell me what you like to see in your logo? -Dezi


“Well, I like blue” - Client


“Ok blue, have you considered what demographics you want to target with your logo? Or have you considered the emotions the viewer will have” -Dezi


“Well.. no. Does that stuff really matter?” -Client


“Absolutely.” -Dezi


There are two things to take from this. First, the general public doesn’t understand the color psychology which is why one should hire a professional graphic designer for logo design, my second point.


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