Branding by Dezi

When a business is formed, there are two distinct paths the owners can make. One path is clear and lends to a business owner who cares about their look, the importance of the name, branding, domain name and more. The second path is not recommended because it is simple not the first. So often business owners take shortcuts on their logo and branding. Let me give you an example.


Business Owner 1 Joe

Joe just started a new business and has high ambitions with growth. Joe also has budgeted for a strong logo and branding design to ensure his company is recognized through all mediums with consistency. Joe hired a professional logo and branding company to explore graphics, colors, fonts and logo types. Once Joe is happy with the outcome of his logo and receives a branding guide used to keep the colors, fonts, and graphics consistent.


Business Owner 2 Frank

Frank has equal care for his new business but unlike Joe, Frank decided not to invest in a solid brand. Frank, instead chose to use an online logo builder. Frank built his logo, bought the rights to use it and now he’s done. But what Frank doesn’t realize is there is much more to branding and using a logo. A lot of online logo builders only create a color logo but a business will need many more versions of their logo.


Logos needed for a full brand

A black and white version on white background, a colored version on a white background, a white logo for a colored background and a colored version for a colored background. Even more logo versions will be needed if a tagline is incorporated. That’s why a graphic designer, not a cookie cutter logo builder is necessary to develop a brand for a successful company.


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