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Billboard Design by Dezi

Designing billboards isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are many factor that determine the success of a billboard advertisement.


First, is the message. The message must be short and sweet otherwise the message may not be read at all. Short is a lose definition but it means something completely different for billboards. Short in the billboard realm is 3-6 words. Too short? Not so much. You must remember that most billboards are in transit settings and don’t have more than 3 seconds to be seen. Rush hour traffic is a different story but those billboards come with high costs and printing responsibility.


So, what can we do with 3 seconds? The possibilities are endless but the imagination must remain. Much like print ads and poster the billboard must convey a message in a very short amount of time but one characteristic that sets billboards aside is creative engagement. Creative engagement is an endless medium and message carrier. Frankly, it’s choosing the best illustration and message to get the consumer to act via a billboard on their drive home of walking through a city.


What kind of message and illustration would make one act? Like I said, the possibilities are endless so i really comes down to how you want the consumer to act. A few examples are joining an email list, voting for their favorite artist, beer, vodka or sport moment of the year. Engagement is so important these days and careful planning on engagement will make a huge difference. Ultimately, you would want to choose the best way to make the consumer buy or act on your engagement.


Luminosity, a company dedicated to providing brain training excels ate engagement. Lumosity provides a free test of your brain based on speed, memory, reasoning and other skills accosted with the brain. This test is fun an informative but an interesting ‘fork in the road’ occurs at the end of the testing. You receive the test results and you may say, ‘hey, I did pretty well,’ but then they compare your results to your peers. These results are similar to the growth percentages your parents received as you grew up. 80% in height, 60% in weight, etc. You are then left with either a satisfying result or an unsettling one.


When I took the Luminosity test, I thought I performed pretty well but when compared to my peers, not so much. I was immediately engaged. The urge to improve and beat my peers in simple mind test became my new goal. This engagement is strike of brilliance by Lumostiy. Every human being is competitive by nature and banking on those too competitive to settle for 36% in memory testing are ‘suckered’ into joining Lumosity. Unfair? NO! Genius! It makes sense. You must give them credit for developing a great system to sell more memberships.


This same concept is used when designing billboards. You need to ask yourself, what message will make the consumer react? What type of photo or illustration will make the consumer receive the emotion of the ad? Many possibilities exist but careful planning will set you apart from other advertisements.


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