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Banner Design by Dezi

Banner designs are fairly simple in approach and message. The approach is to make it readable from a distance. Depending on the size and positioning of the banner, the text or image size must be adjusted to reach the viewer and deliver a message in a short amount of time. Most banners target commuting traffic such as cars or pedestrians so the message must be short and clear. For example, $1 MARGARITAS. This would grab the viewer's attention.


Dezi has years of experience sending messages through many different mediums and sizes so whatever the message may be, Dezi is prepared to design the banner to specs while making the message readable. Another important aspect of banner design is understanding print resolution for banners from 4 feet to 40 feet.


The average print resolution for small print is 300 dots per inch but for banners it can be as low as 50 dots per inch. Dezi is ready to take care of your large print needs and ensure the best design and production.


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