"Dezi believes the entire world has the right to high quality media for an affordable price."

About Dezi


Dezi is a Denver-based media company dedicated to providing affordable media services to businesses of any size. Using a simple subscription model, members have access to a all types of media. Service, integrity, excellence, fairness and honesty are the Dezi core values. We ultimately LOVE improvement. Whether Dezi improves a thriving business or rescues a failing business, we love helping businesses achieve greatness.



Dezi imagines a world where everyone has access to professional media regardless of location, income and type of business. Dezi believes the entire world has the right to high quality media for an affordable price.



Service, Integrity, Excellence, Fairness, Honesty


History of Dezi

Dezi started in February 2013 when the owner, Brandon Schmidt, experienced a constant problem. Working as a freelance graphic designer, Brandon was tired of constantly searching for new work and clients. So often, freelance artists experience a 'feast or famine' effect with their workload. They may work solid for 6 months and then be twiddling their thumbs for 10 months. This is no way to live.


Brandon saw this as a huge problem but didn't find a solution until he received an unlikely phone call from a old college friend.


"Amanda called me on a Tuesday afternoon in a panic," Brandon explains. "She worked for a balloon ride company and their previous designer flaked out and left many projects unfinished with approaching deadlines. Amanda asked if I could complete the work and bill us accordingly. I agreed."


The work was completed by Brandon in a timely manner. Brandon sent the invoice. Collected a check. Standard freelance transaction right? Within a weeks time, Amanda had called again requesting more work to be done. Brandon then struck the idea and asked her, "How often do you need design work?"


"Every month," Amanda replied.


Brandon responded with, "Why don't you put me on a retainer each month so you know I'm available and the price stays the same?"


Amanda said, "That would be so much easier than the past. I'll talk to my boss."


Within a day, her boss had agreed and Brandon's new path had begun.


While employed at a local advertising agency, Brandon started receiving inquires for freelance work but suggested the retainer model instead. To Brandon's surprise, each agreed.


One by one, Brandon added consistent work each month and within a year Brandon earned the trust of 14 clients, all by referral, and was able to quit his position at the agency which later became a client as well. By adding more and more services such as web design, photography, videography, SEO and consulting without additional fees, Brandon made it difficult for clients to reject the retainer model. He knew he was on to something special.


Fast forward one year, the business is thriving and growing more and more each day. Dezi looks forward to helping businesses of any size with their media needs.


Future of Dezi

For now, we serve the Southwest states but have plans to help people and businesses internationally. Dezi helps clients in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and as far as Florida with media such as websites, photos, videos, print design and much more.


Dezi is a Denver based media company offering a wide range of services to businesses of any size. Dezi is family owned and operated.

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